Study Australia Education Exhibition Taiwan 2024

27-29 September - Taichung & Taipei

Promote your institution to prospective Taiwanese students and parents at the 2024 Study Australia Education Exhibition 

About the event

The Taiwan Study Australia Education Exhibition (SAEE) is the most important annual showcase of Australian education institutions and study opportunities for the Taiwan market.

Last year, SAEE featured 47 Australian exhibitors in Taichung and Taipei, attracting over 3,000 visitors across three days. 

SAEE 2024 will again be held across three days in Taichung and Taipei. Exhibitors will showcase their institution in Taichung at Feng Chia University on 27 September 2024. The Taipei exhibition leg will subsequently be held on 28–29 September 2024 at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. 

Exhibitors will be supported by a comprehensive digital and offline marketing campaign affirming Australia’s education credentials now and into the future. A promotional feature of SAEE 2024 is to encourage on-the-spot applications.


Why you should participate

Important Information

Date: 27-29 September 2024

Location: Taichung Taipei, Taiwan

Who should participate?

Australia providers of:

And ancillary service providers. 


Your participation options

Package table

Option 1: Single booth A$4,200

This package includes:

Option 2: Shared booth A$3,700

This package includes:

Option 3: Schools booth A$3,200

This package includes:


Apply before 9 July 2024


Market insights

Important information

If you are attending SAEE this tradeshow, Austrade recommends that you consult ‘Smartraveller’, the Australian Government's travel advisory service, which is available at www.smartraveller.gov.au. Travel advice is updated regularly on this site. Please note that Austrade will only work with clients that maintain appropriate business ethics and demonstrate a commitment to legal obligations including anti-bribery laws, both in Australia and overseas markets. Review further information on anti-bribery at http://www.austrade.gov.au/Exporters/About-exporting/Legal-issues/Bribery-of-foreign-public-officals.

Key Austrade contacts

If you would like to discuss participating in SAEE 2024, please contact:

Cherry Hu
Business Development Manager
Austrade Taipei
T +886 2 8758 4208